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  1. How do I turn off spectrum? Thanks
  2. 793 looks awesome. Thanks so much @maxmp. Customer since 2010. Can't believe you did this for free. I would have paid again for it. It's excellent.
  3. Well. It hilarious that all of those that do not believe that Poweramp is alive or that Max can't be trusted check in almost everyday for the next beta ???. Stop being entitled people. He doesn't owe you explanations or anything other than the product that you bought as a snap in time whenever you bought it. It's quite the entertainment to read you all, though. ???
  4. It's just so awesome to read all the entitlement ???. I do feel sorry for the developer. I would vote for Andrew to just remove all the complaining people out if the forum. I bought this player years ago and never assumed I would get anything more than bug fixes. Thanks for the free overhaul, Max. Looking forward to seeing V3 sometime when it's ready.
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