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  1. Devs are aware of this issue (someone sent an email to the devs and got a reply), and are working on fixing it on the next release (hopefully). Till then, you can rearrange your playlist using different options every time (track length, artist name, album name, etc.) every time to get a shuffle effect.
  2. That'll work for the time, but won't it permanently mess up the order? There are certain songs I like to keep at the top of a Playlist, then start off with that particular song (going off into a shuffle after that). Hopefully a fix is coming soon.
  3. I have it set to "Shuffle songs/categories" in 1 Playlist, and no matter what song I select, after it's done playing the player starts playing the Playlist from the top down. Shuffle seems to be working fine in the "All Songs" field.
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