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  1. Hi, Is there any way to change the equalization, according to the connected bluetooth device? I see that when saving the equalization parameters and assigning it to a device, when changing the device, the equalization of the first is maintained, regardless of whether other parameters have been saved for the second deviceY
  2. Hi @maxmp The problem was solved by uninstalling the application and reinstalling it. thanks
  3. @Backsilent99 @Catta Settings>equalizer>automatic save / disable doesn't work for you?
  4. Hi @MotleyG I use deezer on the fiio m6 and I wish I could improve the sound of this application.
  5. Seeing the minimum version of android on which Poweramp player is built, the version is 5+ and this is supported by the FIIO m6 and the apk of Poweramp equalizer starts in android version 9+ and this must be why it is not supported . Can the creator of the application extend android support up to version 5?
  6. Hi @andrewilley @maxmp I want to use the Poweramp equalizer on my FIIO m6 player, but the armeabi-v7a 32bit version that is normally compatible with this player (other applications), does not allow it to be installed. I have used Poweramp in my player and I have not had a problem, but with Poweramp equalizer it does not allow the installation. Any suggestions to be able to install it?
  7. How can I revoke the prior permission? If trying to turn it off from settings / visualization it is already off, but it continues executing the visualization?
  8. I activate the visualization and return to the main screen and it does not show as in your image, but when returning to settings / visualization I observe that it has been automatically deactivated
  9. Hi @andrewilley Un the image attached you can see that the toggle icon does not appear below equ and limit and the display on the main screen is uninhabited, the display is still showing
  10. Hi @maxmp How can I disable the visualizatio The Button in settings does not hide it at any time. I am using version 908 premium on a Xiaomi mi 9se
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