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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders You should see a screen like this, where you can select which folders you want Poweramp to scan:
  2. I can just picture Max working at the coding screen while listening to this song from Real Genius on repeat: This is assuming he's working and not on vacation.
  3. Is there any way to hide the android navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen? Using Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588-play
  4. The new Poweramp images look interesting, I would prefer to try it out before making any conclusions. I do hope that the text over the album covers aren't static and only appear for a moment, and that the rounded corners and optional. Out of boredom, I created a mockup of some of the albums on my phone without those text boxes: (Note, one of the covers would be considered NSFW or risque, but because the "Operator" image we've been posting here is risque itself, I didn't think anyone would care.) http://imgur.com/a/HasfB
  5. I think the seek bar is the waveform display on the bottom. It's just as pointless for Max to give an ETA as it is for us to ask for one. Everytime they state one, it gets pushed back a month or two. Maybe if we stop talking about the release date, it might actually get released.
  6. @andrewilley Would it be possible to add us to a mailing list, and just send out a mass letter to inform us of important news, or when the update is released? It would help most of us to relax and forget about the update until something relevant happens.
  7. Basically nothing. Poweramp V3 was announced a month ago, the estimated release window came and went resulting in an increasing amount of posts by angry forum members wondering where the update is, and a complete lack of response from Max himself, which has led to further complaining and skepticism of the future of Poweramp.
  8. You guys keep throwing around the term "loyal users", what does that mean for an app? You bought it what, once? If you stuck to it that's an indication of how good the app is, he owes you NOTHING, this isn't an unreleased kickstarter project, we're lucky he's even working on an update let alone releasing it for free to current users. If anyone is loyal, it's Max. We ALL want the update, crying "are we there yet" doesn't get us any closer to getting it. Just keep waiting, and if you can't, move on to another music player (good luck, most of them suck compared to Poweramp, which is why we're all here).
  9. mulitple tags

    A multi-genre selector would be ideal, it could look something like this:
  10. Great news, I'm just glad to hear he's working on it. I'll be here day 1 to beta test. Is Max still planning this as a free update for all past customers?
  11. I just noticed a playback problem with cue files which contain multiple indexes per track. This causes Poweramp to list track times incorrectly and to repeat playback of songs when listening to the whole album. Here is an example of an affected cue. I have found a workaround where you simply delete "INDEX 02", "INDEX 03" etc. Incompatible CUE Fixed CUE
  12. I'm a bit confused, you said "uncompressed" flac, do you mean you ripped your flac files at level 0 (lowest compression/largest size)? then placed them into 7z archives? If you want the smallest lossless size, convert your files to APE.
  13. Andre, I think I found a solution: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/9593-missing-cover-art-fix-for-cue-based-albums/