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Bluetooth playing jams


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Hi. Im using Power Amp with Samsung Level U Pro on my Galaxy S7. When i listening music and make some else (text message, wathing gallery etc) music jams. Some like buffering. When im not using telephone, only listening music, all is good.

I check this on my PC. I dont have problem, music playing good.

What can i do?


Sorry for my language. Im from Poland 

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I have the same issue, I'm using Power Amp build 703 with "Samsung Level U Pro ANC" on my Galaxy S7 (SM-G930FD). The issue with "stuttering" sound persists on any Audio Output (Hi-Res, OpenSl Es) and with any buffer size, I've tried the maximum. I've also tried various sample rate on Hi-Res. Would you please assist with this? Probably it is needed to increase Poweramp process priority or something else, but I haven't root on my device.

P.S. I am on the latest released Android 6.0.1. SD card is absent, all music are in phone memory



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Working! I bought new Level Pro and F.R.E.Q. M. On new Level Pro i have this same problem but with freq, music was brilliant. I paired Level and off the HI Res output and turn on Open SL. Working!

Its must be problem with Hi Res Output and UHQ by Samsung Level 

Edit. No, not wotking good, damn 


Bateria - użycie baterii - więcej - optymalizuj użycie baterii - aplikacje niezoptaymalizowane - turn all system apps (Bluetooth sharing, SoundLive, etc) + clear Bluetooth cache + restart = working good on HiRes at this moment... 

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