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Deactivation of list change buttons


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Yes, you are right - it's a consequence of another issue with a lock screen.
Poweramp's "To lock screen" button usually opens a screen where I can enter a PIN to unlock my phone.
Sometimes this button doesn't work - nothing happens after I tap it.
But in this moment I already begin to enter my PIN, which starts from "9".
This digit is located in the same place as a next list button. So I accidentally switch to next album instead of entering a PIN.
Of course, I can change my PIN if there is no chance to deactivate next list button :)
But honestly I never needed this button (at least at lock screen).

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You could always just use the basic Android lockscreen (via Poweramp Settings > Lock Screen > Enable Android Lock Screen, then there's only one level to unlock and it's always the same. There is no way to remove the prev/next list  buttons other than by using a skin which is set up like that.


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