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Menu Button disappears

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before it was always like that:
(in Poweramp)-> press menu button -> menu pops up (same as i would tap on the three dots)

but with the s7 , samsung moved the "menu" button so when we press menu button it only opens multi window. you can now open the menu when you press (hold) the BACK button (there is no option to change that, shame on you samsung :( )

it works in internet browser and other apps but when i press BACK button on Poweramp the menu pops for a MILLISECOND and disappears automatically....


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As you say, bad Samsung. I can't understand why they even considered replacing something as necessary as a menu button with a rarely used app switcher (especially when long-pressing on Home did that fine anyway).

You could try forcing visibility of the three-dots icon using Settings > Look and Feel > Menus > Show Menu Icon .

Or if you are rooted, just edit the /system/usr/generic.kl file or use a button remapper app to restore the Menu button as God intended it.


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