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Twitter and Facebook Integration


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Finally a forum...hahaha

First, Id like to say that im in love with Poweramp it makes my Android and music experience very worthwhile and i enjoy listening to music using this app.

Ive gone thru this forum and have read many good additions that Max has said he will look into and you guys have have stated really good ideas. but no one has mentioned Twitter and Facebook integration so i can tweet my friends from Poweramp. MusicMod has this feature but i ditched MusicMod for this Elite Android App

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Thank for the feedback/request.

I hope there is some 3rd party app which can hold the twitter/facebook credentials and which can be notified by PowerAMP about current track - the way it's done for last.fm scrobbling. If there are not such apps, we probably need this for Android and I'll be looking into creating one.

I mean, this type of functionality should be available via additional small app/service. ScrobbleDroid/Simple Last.FM/official Last.FM are good examples of such apps.

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@ Exodus615

I take it this is you? http://twitter.com/Exodus615

That explains a lot. Not a shock or anything but it will make the rest of this post more valid.

Please explain to me why the hell you would need facebook integration? First off how old are you, 12? News flash: Your fake friends on facebook don't give a crap you are rocking out to the backdoor boys in the back of your parents minivan. Seriously. I know it hurts to hear, but they don't care. We don't either. The whole rest of the planet could care less what you are listening to on your phone. How does that feature help anyone? Please explain to me one rational, logical reason you need to share what crap music you listen to with the rest of the world? The only reason anyone on the web needs to know what you are listening to is if you happen to be a DJ and streaming music using shoutcast or something similar from your phone to many listeners. We all know that's not the case as your phone does not have enough bandwidth over 3g/4g to do that and no self respecting DJ would do so from his cell phone.

There is no reason you need that feature other then to stroke your own ego on facebook. If this app turns into some social networking crap I will not be buying it or recommending it on other forums. Social networking is the drudge of the internet. Its bad enough these little kids complained to cell phone companies they wanted social networking as part of the Android OS, now we all have to deal with lag on our phones due to this bloatware crap. The irony is they don't even use the social networking apps built into the device, they download the independent app from each site. So you bi.tch and moan you dont have facebook built into Android and then when you get it use the independent facebook app instead. Now you want to go ruin the only promising 3rd party music app with social networking crap. Again, NO ONE CARES what you are listening to on your phone. NO ONE.

@Dev, please do not waste your time on social networking crap in your app. There are plenty of other feature requests that are far more important. If i start seeing extra app permissions needed like network use for social media, its getting uninstalled immediately. Unnecessary app permissions are a security risk and unneeded network use kills battery life.

This is a music player app. Its a damn good one too, probably the best on the market. Please don't screw it up.

I think people crashing their car trying to manually look through a playlist instead of using a voice command is a far more of a concern. In fact, there are plenty of much more valuable features people have posted on this forum that should be the focus of your effort before social networking crap. If you do feel the need to code something social network oriented, please consider making it a separate app. In the [non-ghetto] adult world, there is no reason for anyone to post what music they are playing on facebook or twitter. None.

Thank the gods Web 3.0 is no longer focusing on social networking and going back to a traditional internet.

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LMFAO, gotta love the trolls. he really went all out. However, i do partially agree, where as i don't understand what your asking for. can you give a little detail as what exactly you mean by twitter or facebook integration? I just don't understand at all what feature your wanting to be looked into.

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