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Miki Schlesinger

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I have tracks from a variety of sources, they come in a different level of volume. When I play them I always have to turn up or down the volume for each track to fit my needs, and it's annoying! 

In Windows Media Player the is an option called  volume normalization, so all the track are transform to the new medium (mp3 player, cd or whatever) in the exact same volume. You set it one -  and you are good to go.

Please add this function to the app. 

Thank you 

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Volume normalisation is not supported (PA is mostly about quality, and on-the-fly normalisation doesn't do much to help that).

You can however use ReplayGain tags in your music files to make them all play back at similar levels (the setting is per-track though, so again not on-the-fly within each track). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReplayGain


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