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A shuffle option that would be nice to have.


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I would be great if there was a way to mark/tag certain songs to prevent them from playing in the "all shuffle" mode. For example, long pieces of classical music really don't fit well between Black Sabbath and Patsy Cline. Another example, while it's true that "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd is one of my favorite records, the "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" parts are really only enjoyable (to me anyway) when listening to the album in it's entirety. Or how about this one...imagine that you're driving your elderly Mother to her doctor appointment and "Too Drunk To Fuck" by Dead Kennedys comes up in the rotation. It would just be really nice to have the ability to tag a song in order to keep it out of the shuffle mode. I think a lot of Poweramp users would find such a feature to be quite useful. I know my Mother would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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