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Smart wake feature and folder separation


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Good day :)

I've been in love with Poweramp for years, but there is a couple of features that i would really appreciate.

First of all would be some kind of folder separation. I have huge collection of music, which is in two folders (one is "music" that contains opera and classical music, and the other "music 2" in which is jazz). In the Folders menu (next to library) i would like some sort of separation, preferably in my case two folder which lead to folders menu that we have today.

Second (and less important) is a feature of smart wake in android marshmallow. In that menu (beside double click (tap) to wake screen) are options to draw left and right to switch songs and to draw down to pause music (all this done with screen off). In built in media player this options work, but in Poweramp they don't.

Thank you in advance for taking some time to answer me, and i would really really appreciate if you could solve my first "problem" :D

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