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I've bought the app and generally it's an ok player. However there are a few things that I find inconvenient.

1) All songs option sorting: I can't get the list to sort according to folder. The album option could be a close alternative, but not quite.

2) There should be a setting to remove the extra functionality of the shuffle button. Just shuffle what I currently have on the list and not change the list to all songs or require more than one tap to toggle.

3) If I have a playlist I need to be able to delete the currently playing file. The delete option only removes the entry from my list. It would be nice to have the option to directly delete the file aswell.


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Yes it is. It shows you all of the music folders that have been scanned on your system, and just drill down to the songs level for each folder. I use List rather than Hierarchy view in the List Options by the way, I as prefer to have only one level to drill down, otherwise you might have to drill down several levels to get to the songs which can get tedious.


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