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Poweramp doesn't handle null byte separated ID3v2 genre tags

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ID3v2 standard for multiple tags is to use null bytes (\0) as separators to split ID3 tags in multiple values. See Wikipedia

The null byte is the C string terminator. Therefore standard programs are using only the first value. Extended programs show all values as multiple tags.

Poweramp supports '/' and ';' as separators which worked very well, but these separatores are only supported by a few programs. All other programs are using wrong genre names "genre1;genre2;genre3". Null bytes are a much better choice because programs never present wrong genres names, they will only use the first genre skipping the others.

If ID3-tag is separated by null bytes (genre1\0genre2\0genre3) then Poweramp concatenates these multiple values with colons to a single value "genre1:genre2:genre3". The standard separators \0 are completely ignored and overwritten by colons. This is a bug.

BTW: Mp3tag is using null bytes if genre is separated by two backslashs: genre1\\genre2\\genre3. These genres are handled as separate tags.

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