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Some suggestions - Artist by album, change back-button action, go to the top of a list


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Hi there !



I've recently bought the application, and I must say it is awesome !!!

But, there is still things that could be improved :

- get "Artists by album" in the "Collection" tab, because it's a bit hard to search all the albums of a certain artist when there is thousands of artists in the "Artists" section. For exemple, using iTunes, we can fill a tag called "Artist of the album" so it's like the whole album has been made by this artist, and not split by every artist of each song;

- have the ability to change the action of the back button. For me (and maybe for other users too), it's kinda useless to close the app when tapping the back button, it does the same thing as the Home Button or even Recent App button. So, I suggest to add an option, so the back button goes back on the last list we were, even if we are on the "Now playing" screen.

- be able to go to the top of the current list, like on iPhones "tap on the notification bar" of thing like that, because it's so useful !



I know that some of my suggestions have already been posted on the forum, but I present it in another way


Thank you, and keep this awesome app up :) 

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