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Play all albums randomly


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Basically, I want to be able it to select a album randomly and play all the tracks in  the album in the track order.

so it will pick a random album

play all tracks in the correct order

select another random album

I NEVER want to create playlists, I just download / update my songs on my phone and PA just use them.

They are all have ID3 tags and are split into separate folders per artist and album 

Not sure if this is currently possible, v hard to figure out it it does



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Make sure you are playing in 'Albums' mode first (you can choose that from the Library screen).

Then in the Player screen, tap the small 'Shuffle' icon in the lower-right of the artwork area until the setting shows as "Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order". The word 'List' there refers to the current library category, which could be things like Albums, Folders., Artists, etc - but in this case Albums would make the most sense.


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