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Poweramp and iTunes ..+ other issues


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2 issues here with Poweramp:

1) I get most of my music from iTunes. My lists of Artists in the podcasts I subscribe to are listed in Alphabetical order and each artist' list of music is set up by release date. Now, what I want to do when playing these podcasts in Poweramp is to be able to sort each list of music from each artist by release date in Poweramp in descending order, as I'd like to listen to each artist's music from their older podcasts to their newest. Is there a way I can sort these by release date, since in iTunes they are listed by release date?

2) How do I make Poweramp to be my default music player on my Android Samsung Note 4 to play online internet music stations? For example, how do I make Poweramp to be the default player for the app called Tune-in which has a multitude of radio stations one can listen to online?

Help is greatly appreciated here to address and potentially resolve the above 2 inquiries and issues I am going through right now with Poweramp.

Please advise and many thanks for all the help here.

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1) There are lots of ways to sort audio files in Poweramp, but they all depend on either file system information (such as folder/filename or the file's last-modified date) or information stored in the ID3 tags in the file. If the dates that the files were copied onto your device match the podcast release date order, then you could use that option perhaps? Most podcasts tend to include enough info in their filenames to reliably sort by release order too, but that's not always guaranteed and you might need to edit filenames on occasions if the publishers don't make it easy. I used filename order for mine anyway, and 95% of the time it works fine.

2) Poweramp does not support streaming music services, it is a local device music player only.


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1) Release dates for podcasts by artist on iTunes can be as far as 6 months or more. So obviously, those dates will not match date transfered from iTunes to Poweramp.. In this case, how do I reflect sorting those podcasts by artist by release date so I can have these podcasts in ascending order with oldest to newest podcast?

2) Any suggestions on a great player for online streaming?

thanks and looking to your replies.

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As I said, it depends on how your podcasts are tagged - or perhaps more usefully, what filenames the publishers use. For example, pretty much all of the ones I listen to are tidily named, so they sort easily by filename:


Music/Podcasts/WDW Radio Show/wdwradio440.mp3
Music/Podcasts/WDW Radio Show/wdwradio441.mp3
Music/Podcasts/WDW Radio Show/wdwradio442.mp3

Music/Podcasts/WDW Today/Episode_1511_05_11_16.mp3~
Music/Podcasts/WDW Today/Episode_1513_05_25_16.mp3
Music/Podcasts/WDW Today/Episode_1514_06_01_16.mp3
Music/Podcasts/WDW Today/Episode_1515_06_08_16.mp3


For streaming audio you'd need to find a different sort of app I'm afraid, have you tried searching on Google Play?


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