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v3 - A-B repeating + FFW/RWD step


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First of all, that's my first post, so I'd like to say what a great app Poweramp is :) after using it for some time in trail version (both v2 and v3) I decided to buy it both because it's just so good and to support the makers.

But I'd like to ask a question - would it be possible to add A-B repeating like in jetaudio between repeat and shuffle buttons - I just completly don't use all those rating stars and I used A-B repeating a lot in jetaudio (it's also great feature to compare headphones). I'd love this option.

And another thing is a customisable FFW/RWD speed. I'd like to set my step of fastforewarding/rewinding the song while holding FFW/RWD buttons. At the moment it's way too fast rewinding for me, as I prefer shorter step. Also possibility of getting rid of this fade in/out while rewinding would be nice...

Anyway, thanks guys for great app! :):)

EDIT: sorry... should be in feature requests forum I guess... :( just didn't see it in the beginning...

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