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Sumeet's wish list


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Here you go:


1)      Poweramp is for music lovers. There is no need to have too many screens. Instead, just have one main screen. The place where you display visual effects, when you swipe to right, it should display EQ. When you don’t touch it for 2 secs, visual effects should be back. Currently when you swipe (place where Poweramp is written), it moves to next song. We already have previous and next buttons which can move to next song, on the main screen. Instead swipe can be used for a different action like display EQ in that same area.

2)      Can we have an option for a 5 band EQ because 10 band EQ does not fit and I have to scroll to right. It should fit on one screen without changing to landscape mode.

3)      Volume button should be there on the main screen because that is something we change often.

4)      Visual effects are going above the middle area to the top of the screen. Can we limit that to only the middle space?

5)      Round knobs or volume buttons can be replaced with straight buttons. These are easy to operate and occupy less space.

6)      Reverb effects and Visualization effects are something which we normally don’t use on a daily basis. So these can be put in reverb settings instead of having another screen for that. If we have straight buttons, both Volume and Reverb screens can fit in one screen.

7)      In this new version, to go to EQ I have to first touch on the EQ icon, and then again on EQ icon. It should be in one touch.


I think we can bring everything into one screen which gives more control to the user. I have no comments on the technical side but the front end can be made user friendly. If the developer can make these changes, I can provide more info.

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Some very good points there. I tend to agree that as new things get added the options are becoming far too spread out over multiple screens. Poweramp has an awful lot of powerful features, but sometimes new users (and even old ones) have trouble getting to them. I don't mind the round knobs, but I agree sliders would be nicer. I think Max is going for the look and feel of a quality classic audio amp though. (I personally think the bass/treble controls should be centre-zero though, allowing both boost and attenuation rather than the current boost only)


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Thanks Andre, agree, adding new options might spread out over multiple screens. But my idea is to have these new and advanced options in the settings. For e.g. reverb effects, is something which I would never use because I am sitting at my home and need the best music and not any kind of studio effects which don't give me clear music. So, I would keep these options in the settings, thereby keeping the main player very simple always. If people have trouble getting to them, you can mention that in the change log - how to get there.

I would love to experience a classic audio amp.

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