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library - "part of a compilation" tag


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I have many files ( albums)  that are tagged as part of a compilation.

Currently they are showing up in "Abums by Artust". This is not correct.

If its a compilation they should show as "various artists"

This is how jriver works and it makes sense.

Any chance we can get the same here?

Thank you!

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I think you might be asking about support for the Album Artist tag, which has already been implemented in the latest alpha-test builds (see the Downloads tab). See if that works more as you would expect, and if not could you come back and explain what order you see at present and what you'd like to see? Personally I just use Folder sorting, which gives me a lot more specific control of how I arrange my music (as I have a lot of esoteric stuff which doesn't fit neatly into the artist/album format)


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