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Full Musixmatch support

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To start with, sorry for my English, it's not my native language :)


What I wanted to see in Poweramp is full Musixmatch support. Right now with the Alpha 700, the lyrics aren't getting synced with the Musixmatch app. Before the lyrics were getting synced everytime I changed the song. I have to close Poweramp fully and than open it, before my song gets updated, and I have to do this for every song. If I want lyrics now, I have to go to menu and press lyrics, which is obviously not going automatic. 


This window should get updated automatically everytime I change song:



Not only I, but I would like to see support for real time lyrics from Musixmatch. For the ones that don't know what I mean, download Musixmatch, and play a song in Poweramp :). If the song is synced with lyrics you will see this lyrics corresponding with the playtime. Like this:




All music players I've tried support this real time lyrics, so please implement it in Poweramp since no musicplayer is better than Poweramp. I really love this feature of Musicmatch. Also Musixmatch told me that the problem that I can't have real time lyrics is because Poweramp doesn't support it. 


Also another bug that's present for me is that when I unplug my earphones, the music doesn't stop playing immediately and it plays for 1-2 seconds through my speaker. I'm sure it's not my device, since I've had it on my SGS3 too. Currently I own a XPERIA Z2. 

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