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  1. Bugreport: - Found the culprit that lets sound play for 1 sec when you take your earphones out. When you use viper4android, I get this. It's annoying when I'm in the train and I accidently take them out. - When playing music and you remove and put your earphones back in(not 100% sure about if this affects it), the song says its at 23 seconds (random number) but actually it has started over again. Got this twice. - When in the music list, the thumbscroll thingy, isn't working so great, it could be me, but it's more annoying to use now.
  2. He did nothing, musixmatch fixed this.
  3. Remove Poweramp and then install it.
  4. Hello, To start with, sorry for my English, it's not my native language What I wanted to see in Poweramp is full Musixmatch support. Right now with the Alpha 700, the lyrics aren't getting synced with the Musixmatch app. Before the lyrics were getting synced everytime I changed the song. I have to close Poweramp fully and than open it, before my song gets updated, and I have to do this for every song. If I want lyrics now, I have to go to menu and press lyrics, which is obviously not going automatic. This window should get updated automatically everytime I change song: Not only I,
  5. I seriously love that design, but I don't want Poweramp to get more clicks to get to all my songs ordered alphabetically by title. Since in you're previews it goes to now playing. I would like the now playing function to see which song is next, but I wouldn't like it. When I click or swipe up to go there, I want to see all my songs in alphabetical order. Besides all this, it looks great and I'm looking forward to a design upgrade of Poweramp! Also right now on Poweramp I have the option to make the album art bigger and make it fill those ugly bezels. In your pictures I dont see that, I really
  6. I haven't voted because I don't want all of them. If I had to choose, I would choose material design though, not because I want it, but because I'd like to see Poweramp have a nice, modern, sleek look. I like the way Poweramp works, so I wouldn't like to see alot change in the UX. This also the reason why I don't like other music applications, including the standard one delivered with my device. New functionality would be also nice, but I'm sure this wil happen.
  7. The problem is not my device I think (pretty sure of it), because on MX and Stellio I don't have this problem. But for your information, the device I am using right now is the Sony XPERIA Z2, I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S3. With other applications this function works fine.
  8. I have been facing this on 4.4.2, 4.4.4, 5.0.2, 5.1 and 5.1.1. It's annoying indeed, but I would love to see this fixed.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I know about that, but most music players now support the live synced lyrics. This is what I and alot of people I know, would like to see in Poweramp. Also a little bug that has been present in Poweramp for me and my girlfriend since previous versions. When disconnecting my earphones, music doesn't stop immediately. After a little delay you hear sound playing from the speaker for about 1 second. I have turned the option to stop playing when disconnecting headset on.
  10. First impressions are good. Can you pleaaaaaaaaaase add support for MusixMatch floating karaoke lyrics?! This is the only function I really miss
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