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  1. My friend reports that swiping down on the now playing screen fc for him.. SM-G920T Samsung GALAXY S6 Edit: fixed by rescan
  2. Thank you for releasing the beta max. Using OP3 everything works (well not sure about 192khz because as you said it's saying it's playing at hi res but might actually not? :confused: ?)
  3. So the 703 pretty much solved the album art issues..but there's still an issue for me when jumping between playlists..the album art is stuck on the last playlist before I moved to the other one..ie if I'm on my rock playlist and moving to classical playlist the album art will be stuck on the last song that was played in the rock playlist..any one has that issue?
  4. Roi007leaf

    Poweramp alpha-build-702

    Max.. I don't know what you did man.. But synced lyrics with Musixmatch works all fine now! Good job man!
  5. Roi007leaf

    ViperFx not Working in build 701 Alpha

    i think the issue is viper.. it might not support the high sampling rate on hi res mode
  6. Roi007leaf

    Poweramp alpha-build-702

    Using a custom rom on my g3 I don't see the hi res option Edit: mentioning that I'm using v4a and also Dolby Atmos
  7. Roi007leaf

    Poweramp alpha-build-700

    Hey man.. You said updated as in an update is available or you just answered that the next update will be alpha?
  8. Roi007leaf

    Full Musixmatch support

    2nd that
  9. Roi007leaf

    Poweramp alpha-build-700

    Does anyone know what is the best dither method to use?
  10. Roi007leaf

    Decoder timed out

    Yep.. Happend to me too