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Play function and shuffle


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I just downloaded the full verson of Poweramp, and have a few questions.


When I go into a specific playlist, it doesn't show a "play" button.  I know I can simply choose a song by clicking on it, but at times it seems to then ignore the shuffle funciton.  In my stock Samsung S5 player, I was able to go into a playlist and at the top of the list was a "shuffle" key that started playing the list in shuffle function.

My other question is just a general one about a source for a "user's manual" kind of document or guide. When I look up specific questions, I never get exactly what I'm looking for.  I would love to see something that just went through the whole set-up starting from scratch.  Like what to do to set up a playlist, etc, step by step.  I know Poweramp is importing what I had form the other app, but it hasn't been completely lateral - it's changed some things.

How do I simply "play" my playlist without adding in everything else I have on my device?  When I choose songs in a particular playlist, the app plays songs that are on the device, but not in the playlist I chose.


How do I delet songs from my playlist when they start playing.  There is an "add song to playlist" option that takes me directly to my playlists and allows me to choose which one to add the song to, but doesn't have a "remove" function.  There is a "delet" function, but I cannot discern if that completely deletes the song from the device.



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Long-press on the Playlist's title within the Library list and tap either Play (to play the whole playlist in order from the beginning) or Shuffle (to play it in random order).

At the end of playback of the whole list, Poweramp will continue to play the next in order (that's assuming you have Repeat mode set to 'Advance List' anyway, if you don't want it to do that just turn Repeat mode off, or set it to Repeat List if you want to keep listening to the same songs again).


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