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Can I prevent Poweramp from inferring missing tags?


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I have ~3000 tracks on an SD card which have NO genre tag (this is intentional, and verified by several desktop programs).


However, Poweramp is inferring the tags of a very small portion of my library. For instance Poweramp has one album tagged as the genre "AlternRock" and another tagged as "Hardcore".


Can I disable this behavior?




Here's why I would like to disable it:


1.) It only works on ~50 files; the other 2987 are (correctly) listed as unknown genre.

2.) I don't agree with the tag classification for those that are inferred.

3.) It implies that Poweramp is looking up tags for my library in some database.


Hypothetically I could ignore genres altogether and not worry about it; however, even in that case (3) would still be something I would like to have an option of disabling somewhere.

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PA does not invent its own genres as far as I know. You may find there is more than one tag in those files though (e.g. ID3v1 and ID3v2, or APE) and the information is being picked up from one of the other tag formats. Try a program like TagScanner on your PC to view everything that's stored within the files (andthen rewrite the problem tags if necessary).

If that doesn't work, could you upload a couple of sample files?


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