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Oneplus Two can't access menu in folder view

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After changing from a Oneplus One to a Oneplus Two I have run into a problem with Poweramp. In the player view I have the three dots on top so I can open up the dropdown menu and get into the settings etc.

However I can't access the dropdown box when I am in folder view, there are no three dots there. This is a problem because the folder listing options can only be accessed from the dropdown box in the folder view. I want to set the listing to hierarchy instead of individual folders (default) but can't get into that menu. On the Oneplus One all I had to do was press the "menu" button on the phone.


The Oneplus Two has three buttons: "last", "home" and "back". There is no more "menu" button. Each of these buttons can be given a secondary function when double tapping and when long pressing including the "open menu" command. I have tried setting each of these options to display the menu and it works in other apps such as Firefox but in Poweramp nothing happens when double tapping or long pressing. I can also enable on screen buttons but these have no secondary function feature and therefore do not open up the menu either.


some possible ways to fix this problem:

-include listing options in the general settings menu (this still leaves out the other features in the dropdown box for the folder view)

-make Poweramp interpret the long press and double tap secondary functions

-add the three dots button in the folder view


Some information:

the phone is stock with factory ROM and OTA updates applied.

It has Android 5.1.1 and Oxygen OS 2.1.1

Poweramp version is 2.0.10 build 581

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