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Library scanner not seeing OTG drive

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Hi, Poweramp isn't seeing my 256GB OTG flash drive.  I can see the flash drive and all files from Android Settings > Storage & USB, and also ES File Explorer. Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders > Folders Selection only shows "/storage/emulated/0" and "/fsg".  Nothing related to my USB drive.  I am running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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Non-internal drives are not always supported in the same way on different devices and OS variants. There are still issues with Lollipop to be honest, let alone Marshmallow though.


Andre, thanks for the response, but I'm a little confused by your post... so my device and OS (stock android 6.0) are clearly supported (or at least work), as I can see the drive and access all files with the native file browser, as well as ES File Explorer... the only app I use that *can't* see the drive or the files is Poweramp.


I see that folks have been complaining about this for years.  When can we expect some OTG love?  Or is this app not developed anymore?


Edit: stickmount fixed my issue.

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