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  1. Hi, on my Nexus 6p, the 704 build keeps stopping. I am running stock/rooted 7.1.2 N2G47H. I have tried installing over top of the unlocked version first, keeps crashing. Then I uninstalled everything, and installed 704, same result. I then uninstalled everything, rebooted, installed the Play version, rebooted, installled 704, rebooted, and I get a notification that 704 is stopping before I even try to launch it No love. Any ideas? What drove me to try the alpha was that when streaming flac files via BT in my 2017 Audi A4, I experience intermittent dropouts in the audio playback.
  2. Andre, thanks for the response, but I'm a little confused by your post... so my device and OS (stock android 6.0) are clearly supported (or at least work), as I can see the drive and access all files with the native file browser, as well as ES File Explorer... the only app I use that *can't* see the drive or the files is Poweramp. I see that folks have been complaining about this for years. When can we expect some OTG love? Or is this app not developed anymore? Edit: stickmount fixed my issue.
  3. Hi, Poweramp isn't seeing my 256GB OTG flash drive. I can see the flash drive and all files from Android Settings > Storage & USB, and also ES File Explorer. Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders > Folders Selection only shows "/storage/emulated/0" and "/fsg". Nothing related to my USB drive. I am running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Any help greatly appreciated.
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