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I have problem, my unlock does not work


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Hi, buy unlocker version in 30.12.2012.

And link to download does not work.

help me. 

Dear ****, Thank you for using PayPro, the secure online ordering system. Your purchase details are as follows:

  Product Name Unit Price Quantity Total Price 1 Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 12.45 PLN (3.99 USD) 1 12.45 PLN (3.99 USD)

Taxes: 2.86 PLN (0.92 USD)

Total Purchase Price: 15.31 PLN (4.91 USD)

First, please download and install latest Poweramp Trial application here:


Please do the following to install/activate Poweramp Full Version Unlocker:

  • ensure you have Unknown Sources enabled in Android Applications Settings
  • in your phone browser open this temporary link (it will disappear in few days, but you can request the link again via email) to download Unlocker:

    Full Version Unlocker

  • open/install downloaded Unlocker APK file via Downloads screen in browser.
  • start Poweramp as usual. The license is checked once and cached for 4 months.
Your product can be activated on the phone with Google Account:


After you installed the Unlocker, you don't need to run anything except the Poweramp icon itself.

Full Version Unlocker is a plugin for Poweramp which transforms it into Full Version.

Unlocker doesn't start any processes. It's a sort of a license key.

You can re-install Poweramp Full Version unlocker any time as long as you use the google account you bought it with.

This means you can do a complete phone reset or even change the phone to the new one.

You are granted 15 automated Full Version activations, You can request more activations by sending email to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com.

On any questions, please contact Poweramp dev at Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com

or contact PayPro at: https://www.payproglobal.com/support_request.aspx and we will assist you promptly. 

Best regards,

PayPro Client Care

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