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Ability to link Google Play version to Web-Site


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This request is more support request but sinse you dont have normal support section on forum or an abbility to contact the customer support (at least i didnt find it) i write it here. One year ago i bought Poweramp in Google play and everything was great. Few days ago i have installed a new ROM on my device without nasty google apps that made my phone so laggy. But i faced the rearly bad problem. I cant use my google play activation without google apps. So i tried to install it back just to activate Poweramp and it worked but my phone is too old to hold all this google trash in its poor ram, so i had to restore earlier backup without google apps and activation. :( Now i have no idea what to do. I dont mind to buy web-site version of the app but unfortunetly i dont have any supported methods of payment (no credit card no paypal). So is it possible for me to get the web-site version of app on the same google account on which i bought Poweramp in google play? Im ready to give all the information needed to prove my google play purchase.

Hope to meet you understanding!

Sincirely yours,

Your Customer

P.S. May be it will be better to make an apportunity to link google play activation to the same google account web-site activation to prevent situations like this?

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