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New phone. Cant load the full version unlocker I purchased.

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I made this account because I cannot install the full version after changing phones. When I changed phones previously what I did was find the email that Poweramp sent with the link to the unlocker and download the apk from there. Now, I get an error with "Page not Found" and a search box when I click on the link that should take me to the unlocker. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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What you downloaded before should still work as long as you've still got the same email account on the new phone, just enter it again.

If not, please email your full purchase details to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com so this can be sorted out for you.


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This is the email that I received after purchase back in 2/16/13


Thank you for using PayPro, the secure online ordering system. Your purchase details are as follows:


  Product Name Unit Price Quantity Total Price 1 Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 3.99 USD 1 3.99 USD

Total Purchase Price: 3.99 USD

First, please download and install latest /font]Poweramp Trial application here:


Please do the following to install/activate Poweramp Full Version Unlocker:

  • ensure you have Unknown Sources enabled in Android ApplicationsSettings
  • in your phone browser open this temporary link (it will disappear in few days, but you can request the link again via email) to download Unlocker:

    Full Version Unlocker

  • open/install downloaded Unlocker APK file via Downloads screen in browser.
  • start Poweramp as usual. The license is checked once and cached for 4 months.
Your product can be activated on the phone with Google Account:



What I'm having trouble with is the link in step 2. It goes nowhere. My current phone is still using the same gmail account. 



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