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I am currently looking for the ability to browse and play or sort songs by artist, album, gender, year..etc..as it has been requested several times. Yet, I read in your to-do-list for version 2.0 that “full-library search” will be implemented.

Could you please clarify the use of this term and if it is in fact the above mentioned feature, could you please provide more details?

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You can currently browser in play by artist, album, artist albums, genre. No year at this moment, though too many groupings won't work well for average user so they will be optional.

Full library search is not related to this groupings and you can search full library right now by going into All Songs and using your hardware search button (or long press menu). This actually works for any PowerAMP list.

v2.0 will have own library implementation, this will allow better by tag grouping due to own scanner, plus it will add some additional features for Folders list as well (due to the full library tag pre scan).


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Sorry, how do I browse by artist? Please provide detailed procedure.

In addition, if I can browse by artist, can I then play the selected artist's songs? Again, if so, please explain.

Is there any user guide?

Thank you for your prompt response and attention.

I am a glad user!

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I have found the option to browse the songs, but it is flawed. When I select an artist and when play all and if tap on the next track button, it plays a random track and not that of the artist in question (Shuffle mode on). This is a bug!

This is not very user-friendly either: to do this, I had to tap on current track display window (without knowing why) [1st tapping], then tap on Library (2nd tapping) [i don't why Library}, then tap on Library, Artist and so on [3rd tapping].

There should be a button on the main screen for this important feature. This could even replace buttons such as Repeat (used once in a while if ever!) and this should take the user directly to the option to select by Album, Artist, Genre..etc...

Please change this as soon as possible, without waiting for version 2.0.

Thank you!


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