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I would like to inquire features about interface customization:

- I do not use album art/track art so the logo Poweramp take much space for nothing during playing and I would like to see playlist view alike deadbeef player screen

- In the playlist view mode there is no number for tracks so I will be happy if you add

When i want to select a track to play the filename is not showed completely ( only first characters ) and this annoy me so much because on the file name at the end many tracks that I play there is the date. So please show the complete name of the track and maybe the date of the file also.

I use Poweramp only for cue file support

On my select track screen :




The icon on the left of each track is useless for me and I would like to hide.

When a track into a cue file that i like I add into a playlist.

But when I delete cue and mp3 file the track is not showed anymore. I want tracks stays even if there is not the file behind.


Is it possible to make this changes or options ?


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I proposed a more flexible / customisable library view system a while back, which would have addressed these comments, but I don't know whether it might be followed up on at some stage or not. I just looked it up, the post is http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6883-some-thoughts-on-library-list-sorting-and-tags


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