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Dear all,


I am a pro user of Poweramp and it has been my go to app for music for years. Lately, however, some odd UI behavior has sprung up.


1. When I am on the playlist and want to play a specific song, the UI no longer changes to the full screen player of that song. It remains on the playlist and the progress bar of the song does not even show. I cannot even move to a specific point of the song which I like for example. In the past, whenever I chose to play the song, the UI would switch to the full screen player of the song. I want to get this UI back and I have been tweaking all kinds of settings within the app to no avail.


2. Whenever I somehow manage to get to the full screen player of a song within a playlist, I click back or press the title of the song, it will go back to the all songs list (instead of the playlist). In the past, it would go back to the playlist so that I could choose another song within the playlist. I again want this back and nothing works.


Please help and thank you very much in advance.



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Check Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > List Item Click Action. Should be set to "Play and go to Main UI".

When playing a song from a Playlist, you are correct that tapping the song title within the main Player UI should return you to the Playlist view, with the current song and progress bar showing at the top of the screen. That's what I see anyway.


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