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Truly random queue inquiry?


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I don't know if this is an information request or a feature request - I'll find out soon enough. I've noticed questions about shuffling and queues have been done to death, but I could not find an exact answer to what I'm looking for.


I'm trying to find a similar queue feature to Poweramp, where, for example, you'll add in songs A, B, C, D, and E. You play all five and it goes back to A. That I've been able to figure out how to do.


But what if I want to shuffle it? Let's say A-B-C-D-E shuffles to B-E-C-A-D. Nice and randomesque, and I can replicate that - once. With PlayerPro, it would go, using my above example, B-E-C-A-D to, say, A-D-B-C-E. With Poweramp it would go B-E-C-A-D straight back to B-E-C-A-D and play it in that organized random order.


Folder, playlist, album playing...that's fine for me. It's just the sporadic "throw it in and shuffle, listen for a while" that's either lost or I am just ignorant how to do it.




One other small issue I have is I have my ringtones folder showing up which was auto scanned. I changed the folders to be SD card only but the internal Ringtones folder still shows up. Is there a way to remove folders without deleting them?


Thank you much!

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