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B&W P5 s2 Headphone Cable Controls Help


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I have just bought a pair of Bowers and Wilkins P5 s2 headphones, they come with two cable types, one is specifically for working with iphones etc it has a control section on the cable, the other cable is for android phones and has no buttons on the cable, the control cable for the iphones does in fact work with a couple of the button funcitons with Poweramp, I can pause a track and start a track, can skip to the next track or skip back a track, the only thing missing is the volume control and the mic answer calls feature, would be great if the power amp team could make all the buttons work on an android phone, thanks for a great music player, all the others froze on my oneplus one, but Poweramp just seems to fire on all four cores with lightning responses, awesome.

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