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Different albums with the same title

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Hello !  :)


I am a new user of this appli. I bought it yesterday and I found a little bug...


So, I am using a Sony Z3 with Kitkat 444 and the version of Poweramp is the latest (dowloaded last week-end).


I have in my albums library, two albums from two different bands which have the same title...when I choose to play one, there is a mix of the two albums in my playlist, in disorder. I must use the filter to remove the band I don't want  to listen, but the artwork is not ever the one of the album played (excuse my bad english please ! ^^).


The best thing should be that the sorting looks after the title of the album AND the name of the band.


Another idea : when I start Poweramp, I should like to get immediately the albums collection to choose in the list the album I want to listen.


Thank you and greetings from France !



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