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Can no longer select specific subfolders in sdcard

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good day,


Upto recently have had no problem selecting specific folders

in the sdcard to be scanned. (for the Folders/Library view)


But Poweramp no longer lets me select specific subfolders, instead will

only allow selecting the entire sdcard, wch makes everything on it show up

in the 'Folders/Library' view -including video files(mp4) and movies taken with

the phone camera that are saved by default on the sdcard etc.


Under Settings>Folders and Library>Music Folders, Poweramp used to be able to

navigate to each subfolder on the sdcard (displayed as 'external_sd' in 'Folders Selection').

But 'external_sd' will not expand like the other folders that have expand/collapse triangles::



and can only select 'external_sd' itself::




wondering if this might be from latest update and if i shud revert to previous ver.

if i wanted Poweramp to select subfoldes within the 'external_sd'.

android 4.1.2



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