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my album art on list (Folders)


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on the folders (not library) tab, on the list of albums, the art is bigger than usual now, i don't know why. one moment i just noticed that the album art on each album on my list is quite bigger than usual. and i want to know why, not really because i don't like it but just because i want to know why and i want to be able to control if i want them to be smaller or bigger (if possible, but it should be possible since i did it some how)


does anyone know how i managed to have the album art on the list, of my albums, bigger than i had before?


because also it allowed more albums per screen before the way it was


this is really frustrating hehe, i really wanna know



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This was a change that was introduced a few builds ago, and it is now the normal size for album art thumbnails in the lists.

At some point in the future (when version 3 of Poweramp is released) I believe there will be more options to control how the lists are displayed.


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