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Use Poweramp's EQ as global equalizer


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I really love Poweramp, but since I got Spotify recently I mostly use this one.

But there's one problem. My Galaxy S2 I9100G has pretty bad sound quality. No bass, no full sound, ...


For now I had only two solutions: A custom ROM which implemented an (obviously) special Dolby driver (I haven't found that one ever again)

with which it really sounded a lot better. The other one is (since that ROM was cancelled) Poweramp's EQ.


It's not the golden solution but it makes it a lot better. I got more bass, more timbre, ... it's a huge difference.

The sad thing is: It only works with Poweramp.


So couldn't you "extract" the EQ and make it available as general EQ other apps can use, too?

I would love to use the Poweramp EQ in Spotify since the sound within Spotify is terrible.

Moreover there are no EQs. I once bought the "best on the Playstore" which did not work at all and

had only 6 bands. I tried a lot (Music FX, Dolby, ...) but none of them was satisfying. Most of them made

it a lot quieter instead of actually making the sound better (didn't matter what setup you used - less noisy and more mushy sound).


It would be so awesome if you could make it available as global EQ. Poweramp is and will be the number one for Android :)

That's the only thing I really miss for Poweramp...


Thanks a lot!

Keep the good work going :)

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As far as I understand this without having the programmatic knowledge how Android works (I'm still a programmer, though) you can manipulate these.

It may must be extracted into a single app, but why else could you choose between various EQ-Apps like DSP, Dolby or "Equalizer"?


I don't know if this is even because of the Equalizer of Poweramp or the audio engine itself, but Poweramp has A LOT more quality than every other app.

That's why I stick to it, though I'd like to use Spotify since I buy for it (don't want to buy the tracks)...


Would be nice if the devs could do something about that :)

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Hi there, you hit the nail!

Poweramps EQ as a global EQ would be my greatest dream. As an separate app, or with Poweramp with a kind of line in, and in background mode for example.

I've tried the whole playstore, only terrible solutions!

So I would also give a little money for this feature.

Kind regards from Germany


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