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A little unlocker confusion


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I am looking to purchase the unlocker but I have a question about the best way to get it to work with both my tablet and phone. 


Phone: Downloaded the app from google play store no issues here.


Tablet:  Google play store said the app was not compadable with my tablet and would not allow me to download the app, but will let me buy the unlocker.  I downloaded the app from the Poweramp website and it works great on the tablet.


Well now my trial is over and I want to ge tthe full version but this unlocker thing is so confusing.  Will the google play unlocker work with both the version of the app from the playstore and the version of the app from the website?  Do I need to uinstall it from my phone and get the app from the website version of the app and then get the unlocker from the website?


I would prefer to buy the unlocker through the playstore if it will wrok with the version of the app avaiable from the website.


If this is the wrong place for this I am sorry as I couldn't locate a email or phone number for support,  which is making me lean away from my purchase a little actually. 

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