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I am not sure if it is already in the settings or it will be a request, but the previous player I was using had already this feature.


I always create my playlist from the folder view (not from the library section) so when I turn back to folder view it displays me automatically the main root of the library folder.

for example, suppose that I am on the adress Sdcard\music\Foreign\Rock\Bon Jovi... \  in the folder section and I add some songs to the list then go the player display. After 1-2 songs i use back button to turn back the same folder (to Bon Jovi) but it goes automatically sdcard/music as because it is the root of music library.


So, my request is to remember the last folder address and turn back to same point I've left or if there is alreday an option for this, please tell me.


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I was using mixing player until i discover Poweramp.

suppose that i created a new playlist through browser and i am listening a random song from the list i made.

then when i tap to "folder" in the player menu it goes automatically the root of the library, the first folder.

but i prefer it to go to the last point i left the browser.. in mixing with "back" button i could go to last position.

is there an option like this? maybe i am missing it.

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I think I get what you mean now:

1) You create a playlist and start it playing, and listen to a few songs.

2) Then from the Player screen you select Menu > Folders/Lib and tap the 'Folders' tab.

If you do that, then you will indeed see the root level of the folder tree as there are no folders/songs playing at the moment, only a Playlist which is sourced from various locations. When a playlist song is playing, just tap the song title in the Player screen and you will see the current song in its playback order in the Playlist.

Or - and I think this is what you want to do - long-press on the song title in the Player screen and you can choose to see the currently playing song located within either Albums, Artists, or Folders views.


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Hello Andre,

Unfortunately no.. 

The location i am trying to turn back is not related with the current song playing.

I am trying to the location where I have left the browser.



btw: do - long-press on the song title in the Player, this is something i didn't know. thanks for that :)

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