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Files not appearing in Folders


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Hey Guys,

I love this player, however 1 thing which is kinda wierd....

When I download music and it has saved to a folder, when I go into Poweramp it is not there, however when I go into a different player (ie. Real Player) it is there??!

In order for me to see the mp3 in Poweramp I have to turn me phone off and back on.

Can someone help me out with any suggestions as to why this occurs????

Totally confused as to why the file doesn't appear!!!!

Thanks everyone,


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Did you get round to adding an optional setting to run an auto-rescan when the main player interface is loaded? I guess it could easily be the default operation, but I can see if people have massive amounts of files they may want to keep it manual. I have around 2,000 MP3 files in 150 folders though, and the scan only takes 1.78 seconds.


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