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Pause when I press Next bluetooth button

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Samsung galaxy s4 Android 4.4.4

A new car with bluetooth. 2015 year, no other bluetooth specs known



Reproduce: Press the Next track button on a bluetooth headset


Actual behavior: The track changes and pauses. 3 beeps.


Expected behavior: The track should not pause when I press Next.


Later, if i press Next again it will go to the next track and play/pause. So for a workaround i'm using Poweramp like this: press next button twice. Next track and its paused, 3 beeps, next track and its playing. another 3 beeps

This would be skipping every 2nd track, listening to half my library and beeps constantly dozens of times the rest of the time.


Now, this is the breaking point. Apparently these issues are not being fixed anymore. Actually, this exact issue was reported over 2 years ago by dozens of people here and it has repeatedly occurred http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3885-galaxy-s3-and-mazda-3-bluetooth-next-track-car-control-causes-pause-on-the-next-song/ http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/4921-playpause-issue-with-mazda-bluetooth/ http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6521-a2dp-playback-pauses-immediately-after-pushing-play-when-using-respond-to-buttons/



After 3 years of dealing with bugs in this Poweramp i just want something that finally works correctly. It's time to check out another app.


PS: Play Music works very well

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The Get Support option brings me to this forum.


The car is not mazda. I attempted to research what system my car and the mazda uses but info is very limited. Apparently my car runs what's called the genivi platform, which is good news. It's an automotive linux distro derived from meego which was previously a smartphone os. So, maybe theres a chance to reproduce it if you have meego running somewhere or a car using the genivi standard.





Mazda is not involved with this meego/genivi but it seems many auto makers are using linux and similar bluetooth components. In fact, now im wondering if powerapp has a problem with bluetooth commands delivered by a linux endpoint. Most people probably use regular bluetooth headsets or cars with more primitive systems. Linux is not usually used in bluetooth headsets ..but any ideas how to set up steps to reproduce? Maybe i can pair two android phones and have one be the player and one send bluetooth next/prev commands. If the bug occurs it would provide absolute diagnostic capabilities for the dev. But he seems to have almost disappeared.


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