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Bluetooth and album art questions


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Hey guys, i've been using Samsungs SoundAlive since i brought my Samsung S3 Galaxy but have never been overly happy with the player. I did some research on google about the best MP3 player on the market and a lot of people recommend Poweramp. Have to say i have not been let down. Fantastic upgrade. 

I was or am about to go from the free trial to the payed version but have two questions before i do. 1, how to i get album art to list next to the song lists down the left hand side of the screen as SoundAlive does. I noticed that one of the screen shots on this website displays the album art down the left hand side as i want it to.

2, One the things i liked about SoundAlive is that when you play a song, at the top left hand corner of the screen there is a button that you can hit that will send the song to be played via bluetooth on my Samsung TV. As yet i cannot find this option with Poweramp.

Thank you


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1. Are you asking if there's a view which shows the songs list down one side of the screen and the player & album art on the other side (in landscape mode)? If so, then not at present - although it sounds like a great idea to me, as there's lots of wasted space in landscape view.

2. There is currently no facility for streaming playback audio to external devices for wi-fi/etc (e.g. DLNA, Chromecast) other than regular Bluetooth audio devices, which I think is what you are asking about (I assume you don't want to copy the file to the TV's memory?).


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