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Poweramp/ extenal SD issues

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first off i have a samsung S4(sprint) rinning 4.4.2

have had Poweramp for years with just a few issues that the dev helped me work out. kudos!


just got a new sd card 64 gig couple of days ago and trying to work this out, i know samsung supports the card size. loaded up all my music on card. open up do a rescan and after that half my music is gone. done it a few times and different methods of installing music.


and the most the music it sees is fine except a couple of albums for example AFI the art of drowning played fine yesterday and now its like playing 2 songs at once. so i open file browser and now its gone. have done rescan, full rescan, uninstalled Poweramp, reinstalled, just installed again and now it hangs on half way of scanning.

i have no errors or issues with pc side. have removed and reinserted many times and music is styill there.

so would it be a Poweramp issue? or a card issue? just seem o be having issues with music, photos and ect are still there.

samsung music plays most files Poweramp cant seem to play.


sorry for the long story but i thought i should be detailed.

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