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Pause between tracks

Xavi Arpa

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Hi there!


I'd like the app to pause a few in all transitions from one track to the next.


These controls could be added somewhere:


* "Pause between tracks?"  checkbutton.


* "Pause for how much time?"

   Text input and/or slider, from 1 to 15 seconds or so.

   My choice is text (well, number) input, gives more freedom

   of choice to the user than a limited slider.  Although I

   understand slider is cooler.




My use for this:  I'm a line dance DJ. My playlists are for dancing,

and it's kind of necessary for people to relax a few seconds between

songs.  Currently when I have to make a list with pauses, I insert silence tracks,

but it's time consuming.



From a happy paid user. :)


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