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Poweramp keeps emptying my Poweramp created playlists

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HAve used power amp for two years. First on a HTC EVO shift, now on HTC EVO LTE. Using Poweramp 2.0.9 build 556 on an Android 4.1.1 now. Previous versions worked fantastic until this year.  Installed an update earlier this year to this current version and build and  it emptied my playlists- all playlists names are there, no songs in them EXCEPT FOR A COUPLE SONGS IN A COUPLE PLAYLISTS- so random).

Songs still all stored on external SD card (which they have been since I first started using Poweramp). I  rebuilt my playlists, and it did it again on July 4th.

And now it does it every couple weeks. I have 1652 songs currently,, and my SD card is only half full. It also loses touch with my music files regularly and requires several rescans to find them. This has accelerated since July 4. What is going on?

I am an exercise instructor and use Poweramp playlists for my classes. I have had a couple experiences of showing up to teach a class with my carefully constructed playlists empty, even though I had been playing them the day (or hours) before to rehearse my routines.  

A few weeks ago I had partially rebuilt some of my playlists and exported them to filebased playlists that show in my Poweramp playlist screen as m3u8 files. Just today I went to teach a class and discoverd my playlists gone again. However, my filebased back up was still intact and I was able to use it.  I still had to rescan multiple times to find all my songs again, and in the middle of the class the filebased playlist suddenly stopped and zeroed itself out.  I had to rescan in the middle of class to get it back. 

 I now feel like I have to export my playlists every time I make a change or risk losing everything every time.I have figured out how to recreate my original playlists by adding back the songs from the filebased playlists, though I have to do it one playlist at a time. And, I had not backed them up again since making some major changes last week, so all that recent work is lost. Please help. I am going to have to find another music player if this keeps up.
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Poweramp syncs playlists contents with the contents of the sdcard. If song file is moved, this is a new file for Poweramp, and old file looks like removed. Your system for some reason renames/moves such songs/song folders. I would recommend selecting exactly music folders in Poweramp Settings -> Folders and Library and hitting Full Rescan one in the same Settings category.


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