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Using Intents/Tasker to play a specific artist


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Hello! I have sort of an ambitious project, and I'm a bit stumped.


I have a tasker variable, %ARTIST, set that just constantly updates the currently playing artist. I would like to be able to have a task which simply plays all of that artist's music on my phone.


I've hit a wall at sending the command to tasker. Using the following: 


Action : android.media.action.MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH

Extra : query: %ARTIST

Package : com.maxmpz.audioplayer

Target : Activity


With tasker's Send Intent task, Poweramp will play the first song of the artist in alphabetical order, then play the rest of my library in alphabetical order. 


How can I tell Poweramp to play a specific(Varying) artist from tasker?


(Posted here instead of general talk)

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I am trying the same, but from my understanding the call should be:


Action: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND
Data: content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer/artists&flt=%ARTIST
Extra: cmd:20
Target: Service 


Unfortunately, this does also not work for me.

I tested it with e.g.


Data: content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer/artists&flt=foo


Which started playing some songs (still not related at all to foo in the artists name)...


At this point I am stuck... any hints?

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I know this is kinda old, but I just wanted to tell you what I've found out.

First: you can query playing artist foo with content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/files?flt=foo

It's even working for not exact input (e.g. "mind in a box" matches "mind.in.a.box")

Second: this may fail if there are songs containing the artist name in title, because all results are played.

So: it would also work for title or album queries

Third: by looking into Playerservice.xml I found out, that content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/artists/#/files

would also work, but # seems to be an unique artist id, which I don't know how to find out.

Greetings from Germany,


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some suspicious text in your xml documents. Apple metadata? 

   Mac OS X                  2  ‘    Ã                                      ATTR      Ã   È  û                 È  µ  %com.apple.metadata:kMDItemWhereFroms   }   F  com.apple.quarantine bplist00¢_\https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?

on the face of it I would not recommend the download

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