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  1. That is true. However, Poweramp has no root functionality right now, so I'd assume it won't be added in the near future. And on a rooted device it is not necessary that the Musicplayer brings this funtionality with it, other apps can just send the respective key codes upon button long press.
  2. Dude calm down. This is an alpha version. It is naturally going to have bugs, that is why you make alpha and beta versions. Revert to v2 if you need it working, or wait for a new release. Just screaming around in the forum won't help.
  3. Yes, all other apps react perfectly fine. (Even Poweramp works fine, just not in the alpha).
  4. The title says it all. I was able to control v2 with the MediaController API, but v3 ignores play, pause, next and previous commands. Receiving Metadata works with both versions.
  5. I voted for Material design, because it comes close to what I would like to see: For me it's not so much about material design guidelines, but more about the material UX. The behaviour of e.g. Googles apps feels just so natural. IMO the current alpha is actually worse in terms of UX than the stable. I like the idea to create several easily accesible Menus. But accessing by swipe left and right interferes with track changing. I have a device with a not so big screen and I often end up changing the track when I want to open a menu and vice versa. (Swiping up from the controls would be
  6. I've been using the alpha build for some time now. Here is what I noticed: - Sometimes it randomly failes to play a file. Second try works - finish last song in sleep timer not honored - after the playback service was quit by android and when i return to Poweramp tracks can't be changed by swiping until playback is started. - it is hard to use drawers and swipe on album cover in parallel - I requested a new layout (not design) * i don't like the drawers (the material design thread contains an interesting way to reach the library) * i hate that the menu button doesn't stay in one place - vi
  7. And apparently I have a split personality a.k.a. two accounts. Is it possible to merge them?
  8. I agree with the confusing part. That was not very well thought-out. Still, I'd like to hide them (but that' just a minor personal preference). I also agree with what I read between the lines: There should not be a swipe which has no equivalent tap (I can't think of an counterexample where this would be good; that doesn't mean there are none). What I meant as swipe down was not as far up as the nofication bar, but rather on the album cover - of course that conflicts with list change, so one would have to make it an exclusive choice.
  9. I love the swipe up. An addition to UI choices: IMO there is no reason to have disabled buttons in the UI. If there is only one list, next/previous list buttons should be hidden. It would also be a possibility to use the space for more options. I use swipe to change tracks. As a result, I often do wrong swipes because of the two navigation drawers. If the lists are on swipe up, couldn't be swipe down for equalizer & co?
  10. I just tried the visualization in the alpha. Some of the visualizations would go very well with the album cover in the background. How about an option for that?
  11. I still get this error. I have assets directories and I just tried to build one of the example skin projects (skin_classic and skin_template). ant works, but ant jarpush and ant apkpush don't work. Please help!
  12. I know this is kinda old, but I just wanted to tell you what I've found out. First: you can query playing artist foo with content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/files?flt=foo It's even working for not exact input (e.g. "mind in a box" matches "mind.in.a.box") Second: this may fail if there are songs containing the artist name in title, because all results are played. So: it would also work for title or album queries Third: by looking into Playerservice.xml I found out, that content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/artists/#/files would also work, but # seems to be an unique artist id, which I d
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