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Library scan is terrible & iTunes Plus not recognized.

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I love Poweramp for two things, the excellent EQ and tone controls that turns even a cheap phone into a music player with the best sound I've ever heard out of a portable music player, and not as important, but really cool and dark interface.


But the library scanning and format support needs a lot of work. Even after doing a full rescan, it just doesn't display all the songs I copied to the microSD card. The auto scan never works, a manual scan is always necessary, and many times it still doesn't recognize all the folders with music in them. It also doesn't recognize iTunes Plus encoded files. The basic player that comes with Android OS and the Amazon Music Player both recognize files added right away, no rescan necessary, and they both play iTunes Plus encoded files.


iTunes Plus are still m4a files at 256 kbps, they don't have DRM, it's still an AAC file, at 256 kbps. I did this test, I ripped Philip Bailey's "Chinese Wall" selecting the encoder as AAC and 256 kbps. Then I ripped Queen's "Innuendo" selecting iTunes Plus as the encoder. Then I copied both to the Music folder in the phone's microSD card. "Chinese Wall" played, "Innuendo" doesn't even show after doing a full rescan several times. Both of them show up right away on the basic player and the Amazon player, and other files I bought at the iTunes store also play in the other players, but don't even show up in Poweramp.


So why doesn't Poweramp recognize iTunes Plus? Is it really that hard to implement? My problem is that I just got a car that I don't want to replace the stereo for, because it would be too expensive and complicated, but the factory stereo sounds very mediocre at best, and streaming music from Poweramp through Bluetooth with the EQ and tone controls gives a huge improvement to the sound quality, while if I use the other players, they don't have any type of EQ. So I need Poweramp, but I also want to be able to access my library of songs and albums purchased on iTunes, and preferably a way to also transfer iTunes playlists to Poweramp.





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That's why I use regular MP3 audio files rather than anything new-fangled for the sake of it. They seem a lot more reliable, and on a phone with a 64GB memory card, neither exceptional sound quality (e.g. FLAC) or marginally smaller file sizes make the slightest difference to me.


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